About RCA-SK

Rwandan Community Abroad-South Korea (RCA-SK) is a private, non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental organization for all persons and institutions who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Organization. It aims to promote solidarity, Rwandan culture and values among Rwandans living in South Korea. To achieve our mission requires a strong partnership with everyone in our community.

We embody a unique community, full of creativity and innovation through arts, science and technology which are paramount needed to our Country Rwanda. Therefore, we call upon all the community members to be a source of inspirations for Rwandans who want to excel in all their undertakings.

The RCA-SK will exert its best efforts to strengthen friendship and cooperation with other Rwandan communities abroad for the benefits of our community as well as our Country Rwanda at large. We are also dedicated to deliver high quality service, accountability and transparency in our community.

Together, a better future of our community as well as our country Rwanda.

Thank you.