⚠ Urgent announcement [Corona virus] ⚠

Feb. 21, 2020, 7:38 p.m.
By: PR Adriel

Urgent announcement ⚠

Hello dear RCA-SK members.
Today in face of the threat from the COVID-19 (popular as 'the corona virus')

Embassy, executive committee na mayors twakoze akanama kihutirwa twungurana ibitekerezo bya practices zadufasha kwirinda kwandura

Here are some points we came up with:

1. Reduce travels as much as you can

2. If you must attend Church, wear a mask, and avoid physical touches as possible as you can (otherwise byaba byiza dusengeye mu rugo muri iyi minsi)

3. Wash hands at least for 30 seconds and use hand sanitizer as often as you can.

4. Avoid crowded/public areas as possible as you can.

5. Avoid touching your face (mouth, nose, eyes...) with dirty hands

6. Avoid visiting some places in Daegu, that have been identified as Coronavirus spots and avoid personal contacts.

7. Drink plenty hot water every day.

8. If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early and report to your mayor ASAP

To seek medical care, call
1330, 1345 or 120

To notify the embassy call:
+82 102 180 1088

9. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue or handkerchief or arm sleeves when coughing or sneezing

10. If you think you are exposed in any way, keep track of your body temperature and isolate yourself for 14 recommended days or more.

11. Avoid touching things in public places and wash hands with soap after touching them

12. When preparing meals make sure you use different knives for cutting meat and vegetables (and /or other ingredients) and also make sure to eat really well cooked meat

13. Paper money and coins & phones are also potential vectors of transmissible diseases. Wash your hands well after touching receiving & touching those items

14. Maximizing the use of disinfectants placed at entrances of buildings(schools, offices, marts, dormitories ,etc) we enter in.

15. And of course wear the appropriate mask whenever you go outside

The threat is real please don't let down your guards!!!