COVID-19 The state of our community as of 22nd March 2020

March 22, 2020, 8:13 p.m.
By: Adriel (PR)

Dear rca-sk members,
Today once again the leadership of the embassy, held a video conference with the representatives of our community to evaluate the status of our community with regard to the covid-19 pandemic.

Here are the key points from the meeting:

1. Reports showed that no member of our community has tested positive for covid-19 so far.
2. Members of our community are asked to abide by the regulations set by the Korean government to combat the spread of covid-19. Failure to do so will no longer be tolerated.
3. Student members of our community are reminded to take their online classes seriously. It was revealed that professors are being demanded to tighten attendance checks.
4. Members of our community who have roommates are especially required to not put roommates at risk by ignoring travel restrictions. Similarly, ask your roommates to abide by the regulations.
5. Members of our community who wish to buy face masks are advised to do so online whenever possible.
6. We should do our part in sharing basic information about this pandemic to our friends and relatives in Rwanda, especially to those who are underestimating the danger posed by covid-19, and to those who are thinking that the measures being imposed to them by our government may be too strict.
7. Members of our community who want to go back to Rwanda for unavoidable reasons, are advised to check out the KLM flights that will depart from Amsterdam to Kigali on 22nd, 23rd, and 25th March 2020.
8. Remember you can always contact the embassy at 01021801088 for an emergency!

Thank you and stay safe!
(PR Adriel)