The meeting between the Embassy of Rwanda and the leadership of the Rwandan community in South Korea

Dec. 12, 2019, noon
By: PR Adriel

Greetings fellow Rwandans,

I have pleasure to inform you about today's meeting between the Embassy of Rwanda and the leadership of the Rwandan community in South Korea (RCA-SK) which just ended a while ago

(Please excuse me for having to send this report in many parts this issue too will be addressed soon)

The order of business was as follow:

1. H.E Ambassador Yasmin gave the opening remark in which she wished us, the members of RCA-SK, a merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance

2. The former Chairman of the RCA-SK introduced the members of the committee who served with him and are now graduating

He presented the statistics that briefly represent our community

And he discussed the activities, actions and changes implemented by the committee so far.

The former Chairman thanked the embassy for offering support whenever they requested.

He then made several key recommendations of the actions and activities that the incoming committee will want to undertake as well as the challenges they may expect to face down the road

He concluded by thanking those who served with him and also the new committee members for accepting the call to serve our community

3. Then followed the offocial handover ceremony led by the former Chairman who also introduced the new RCA-SK Chairman

4. The new Chairman Uzabakiriho Abdul Karim introduced the committee that will be serving with him and then presented the action plan of the new committee

5. H.E the Ambassador offered a congratulatory remark and issued advices and certificates to the outgoing committee members

5. The ambassador and her staff then gave feedbacks and advices on the action plan presented by the new committee

And then there was a short break followed by a group photo.

The new committee is as follows

Executive committee:

1. Mr. Abdul Karim Uzabakiriho (Chairman)

2. Mr. Ivan Gahima (vice chairman)

3. Ms. Ange Aisha Umwiza (secretary)

4. Mr. Joseph Nfitumukiza (Treasurer)

5. Mr.Adriel Niyodusaba (public relations)

6. Ms. Alice Muhoracyeye (gender)

7. Mr. Theos Dieodone Benimana (sports & culture)

8. Mr. Paul Migisha Ntwari (Auditor)

9. Ms.Vestine Abimana (Auditor)

10. Mr. Leon Fidel Nishimwe (Counselor & career guidance)

advisory & disciplinary board committee:

11. Mr. Gaspar Harera

12. Mr. Placide Bagabo

13. Ms. Faith Abatoni

Seoul Mayor Bureau committee:

I. Mr. Adolphe Niyigena
2. Mr. Alex Rugamba
3. Ms. Grace Ishimwe

The top 10 takeaway points from the new committee's action plan:

1. Gukora ibarura rusange ry'abanyarwanda batuye muri Korea

2. Kubaka/gushyigikira inzego z'ubuyobozi muri buri mujyi abanyarwanda batuyemo hano muri Korea

3. Gukora ikirango cya community (to be used in forthcoming activities)

4. Building and maintaining a community website that will make our communication more effective

5. Kongeera ubufatanye hamwe na Embassy

6. Kubaka ubufatanye n'imibanire hamwe n'izindi diaspora n'indi miryaango

7. Kwimakaza umuco no gutegura ibikorwa bihuriza hamwe abanyarwanda

8. Carrier guidance;
kwerekana challenges ziri mu Rwanda, tugashishikariza abashakashatsi bacu bari hano muri Korea kugerageza gukora ubushakashatsi bugamije kuzishakira ibisubizo

9. Gukomeza ibikorwa byo gufasha no gukora ubuvugizi haba ku banyamuryango bagenzi bacu ndetse no ku banyarwanda bari mu gihugu

10. Kuzashyirishaho arbitration committee izategura amatora rusange.

The key takeaway points made by H.E the Ambassador today

1. She appreciated the organization she found in our community

2. She strongly encouraged the graduating members to establish a strong alumni network upon arriving in Rwanda.

She also encouraged them to explore business opportunities in Rwanda

To the new committee

3. She asked them to keep building from what the previous committee has accomplished so far

4. Encouraged the committee to remain in close contact with the embassy (proposing 1 meeting per month)

5. Strongly encouraged all members of our community to write articles and blog posts about our country

She highlighted the strong need for Rwandans to write about Rwanda

6. "Ntabwo twakwihanganira mediocrity kandi byose tubifite" H.E Ambassdor Yasmin

This concludes my briefing about today's meeting

Note that: In this brief report I have not included the long list of accomplishments by the outgoing committee but I will work with the new Secretary to include it, in its entirety in record )

Good night everyone