July 22, 2020, 12:57 p.m.
By: Secretary Ange Aisha

Good Evening,

On behalf of the RCA-SK committee I would like to take this time and deliver to you a summary of the general assembly that took place On Sunday July 19th, 8pm-10p.

First of all, we would like to thank each one of you who took their time and participated in the assembly and also provided great suggestions to the RCA-SK committee and the members of the Rwandan diaspora here in South Korea.
The following is how the assembly was conducted and few of the remarkable decisions and suggestions that were given.

1. Chairman's Opening speech
The chairman, Mr. Abdul Karim Uzabakiriho welcomed committee members and members of the diaspora by thanking them for their contributions to our community, thanking them for their participation, and encouraging while also reminding everyone to keep safe and aware of the measures to continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19

2. Introducing committee board members
RCA-SK committee board members introduced themselves to attendees. Mayors of different sectors have also given their official introductions.

3. Presenting RCA-SK 2020's action plan.
Ms. Faith Abatoni presented to the assembly attendees different activities that were set to be done during this year by highlighting those we were able to achieve and also explaining activities that urgently need to be done for the rest of the year. She also provided remarks on what both the committee and members of RCA-SK are required to fulfill in order to achieve the goals we set for 2020. Ms. Faith Abatoni stressed that we should try as a community to CONTRIBUTE TO THE FUNDING OF THE COMMUNITY'S BUDGET AND ACCOUNTING.

4.Activities Report
The secretary, Ms. Ange Aisha provided a brief summary of activities that have been done by the RCA-SK committee members throughout the past months.
Among activities included; The fundraising for families in Rwandan that were most affected by COVID-19 . The RCA-SK community was able to contribute a total of 1,223,485 rwf.

5. Open Discussion
During the open discussion session, committee members and members of the RCA-SK community were able to exchange thoughts, questions and answers, and suggestions.
Some of the suggestions included forming a connection between expat Rwandans in Korea and incoming Rwandans in order to effectively exchange information but to also have a community to refer to if needed.

6. Closing Remarks
The chairman closed off the general assembly by offering his gratitude to the community for the work we are able to do, encouraging committee members to continue their commitment to serving the community and to also keep in mind of the pandemic as we continue to try to avoid and reduce the spread of it.

Regarding the contribution to the funding of RCA-SK activities.

Every member is expected to contribute a total of 60,000₩ per year. The year is divided into two terms; each term being 6 months. That way the contribution can be given in three ways:

A. It can be given at once. You can contribute the total of 60k at once.

B. It can be divided into two. Contributing a total of 30k per term

C. It can be given monthly. Contributing a total of 5,000₩ monthly.

The following account information is the account where you can offer your contribution to the funding of RCA-SK activities.

Woori Bank; 1002-958-274874 in the names of MFITUMUKIZA JOSEPH.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the general assembly. We hope it was a fruitful event.

For more information regarding the general assembly contact the secretary or PR.

Thank you.

Ange Aisha