2020 RCA-SK General Meeting with Embassy

Aug. 6, 2020, 10:50 p.m.
By: Secretary Ange Aisha

Greetings from RCA-SK Committee,

Last Saturday August 1st, The RCA-SK committee had a meeting with the Ambassador Her Excellency Yasmin Amri Sued.
The purpose of the meeting was to catchup with the committee and to also take note of how far the Rwandan community has progressed this year considering the COVID-19 crisis, and to present some of the issues in our community that need guidance and support from the Embassy of Republic of Rwanda in South Korea.
We had a wonderful time chatting with the Ambassador, and our meeting was productive. The following is a summary of how the meeting went and few of the suggestions that came from the meeting. At the end there will be reminders about what the RCA-SK is required to fulfill.
A. Embassy of The Republic of Rwanda:
1. H.E. Ambassador Yasmin Amri Sued
2. First counsellor Mr. Claude K. Ganza
3. First Secretary Mr. Michael Uwizeye
4. Accountant Ms. Vestine Umulisa

B. RCA-SK Committee:

1. Chairman Abdul Karim Uzabakiriho
2. Vice Chairman Ivan Gahima
3. Secretary Ange Aisha
4. Treasurer Joseph Mfitumukiza
5. Public Relations Adriel Niyodusaba
6. Commissioner for Gender Alice Muhorakeye
7. Commissioner for Sports and Culture Theos Dieudonne Benimana
8. Commissioner for Counselling and Career Guidance Leon Fidele Nishimwe
9. Auditor Paul Migisha Ntwari
10. Auditor Vestine Abimana

11. Advisor Placide Bagabo
12. Advisor Gaspard Harerimana
13. Advisor Faith Abatoni
14. President of Itorero Pacis Regina Uwera
15. Mayor of Seoul Adolphe Niyigena
16. Vice Mayor of Seoul Alex Rugamba
17. Mayor of Busan Hosanna Uwitonze
18. Vice Mayor of Busan Jean Chrysostome Turabayo
19. Mayor of Gwangju Rodrigue Frank Aimee Ndagijimana
20. Mayor of Jinju Trojan Rugira
Meeting Protocol
1. Opening speech from the Ambassador.
Ambassador Yasmin Amri Sued started the meeting with opening speech in which she welcomed the committee to her residency and in which she expressed her gratitude to meet the committee representing our community.

2. Introduction of RCA-SK Committee
The chairman of the RCA-SK Committee Abdul Karim Uzabakiriho presented the committee by providing a self-introductory time to each member of the committee. Members of the Bureau, executive members and mayors were all present at the meeting.

3. Remarks from Mayors
Mayors from the cities Seoul, Busan, Jinju, Gwangju, Daegu and Daejeon presented themselves and provided updates on the wellbeing of the Rwandan community in their sectors.

4. Action Plan
Mrs. Faith Abatoni provided a summary on what the action plan is, its purpose and how far we have gone to achieve most of the activities that are presented on the action plan.

5. Activity Report
The Secretary of the RCA-SK Committee Ange Aisha presented the activity report by highlighting the activities we achieved during the past seven months. [For more information on the activity report refer to the General Assembly’s minutes that were sent to you via email].

6. Membership Fee-Umusanzu
The vice-Chairman of the RCA-SK Committee Ivan Gahima explained to the ambassador that we have established a membership fee(umusanzu) for our community. He provided brief explanation of why the fee is needed and how it is collected. [For more details about umusanzu refer to the General Assembly’s minutes that were sent to you via email].

7. Knowledge Sharing
The counselor and Career guidance of RCA-SK Committee Leo Nishimwe Fidel provided a briefing on the knowledge sharing program, its purpose to the Rwandan community in Korea as well as in Rwanda. He presented its working strategy and highlighted the need of cooperation for the program to effectively progress. The program is still in the development process, later it shall be presented to the community.

8. Sports and Culture
In charge of sports and culture Mr. Theos Benimana provided remarks on the importance of sports and culture. That “it helps the community gather and get to know each other and build long lasting friendships”. Due to COVID-19 many of the planned sports and culture events did not happen however the department of sports and culture is working to come up with more sports and cultural event that are convenient to be done regardless of the pandemic. Activities such as bike riding, walking, and hiking are in progress.

9. Gender
In charge of the Office of Gender Alice Muhorakeye provided a report on women empowerment, the role and contribution of women in our community. More than empowerment, women in our community are contributing their efforts and talent to create awareness of the Rwandan culture and promote made in Rwanda items to the Korean community. They do so by creating a market in which they sell made in Rwanda items and make an income which is used to support young women in Rwanda in the schools of innovations and creativity (ibigo by’imyuga).

10. Itorero
The President of Itorero Umucyo Pacis Uwera Regina presented the activities of Itorero and upcoming Itorero events. To mention a few, Itorero is looking for committed members who would like to join and it is also planning to open a dance and practice class.

11. Remarks
The chairman of RCA-SK Committee concluded the meeting with last remarks by thanking everyone who showed up at the meeting and thanking the ambassador for providing us with space and time to carry out the meeting and to also be there and ready to offer support to the Rwandan community in South Korea.

12. Closing Speech from Ambassador
Her Excellency Yasmin Amri Sued closed the meeting by providing her last remarks, expressing gratitude to the committee, and encouraging the committee to keep up the good work. The ambassador also highlighted that she is always ready to offer guidance and support whenever the committee and the community need so.

1. Read the Minutes
The committee is kindly requesting to all members that you take your time to read the minutes and summaries of events and meetings provided to you on all social media and communication platforms. The importance of reading the minutes and summaries is to make sure that you are updated but to also know what events are upcoming and in which areas you as a member you are required to contribute and play your part in.

2. COVID-19 Preventive Measures
Even though the situation of the pandemic in Korea seems to be improving, we highly recommend that you continue to responsibly follow and practice social distancing as well as preventive measures of COVID-19.

3. Umusanzu
The committee would like to remind you that the membership fee is 60,000 krw per year. We kindly request that you participate in giving the contribution to your respective mayors within the sectors you live in.

Thank you for taking your time to read the minutes of this meeting.

Ange Aisha
RCA-SK Committee