RCA-SK Election Board

Oct. 5, 2020, 8:25 p.m.
By: PR Adriel

Dear comrades RCA-SK members,
I hope you’re having a great week.
The founders of our community in their wisdom laid down the procedure for RCA-SK Committee Election in Section III articles 32, 33, and 34 of our statute:
"The Chairman and other members of the Executive Committee with the community counselors have the authority to nominate the RCA-SK Election Board at least 3 months before the election of the Rwandan Community Committee. The Election Board is in charge of elections of the Rwandan Community Committee. The election board will be comprised of a team of 3 members of the highest integrity and independence, selected from the Rwandan Community members in South Korea. The new board will select its Chair, Secretary and advisor and will lay down detailed plans related to the elections as it will be scheduled based on the circumstances of our host country (South Korea) and academic schedule."
We would like to kindly inform you that, the Executive Committee, the Community Counselors and Mayors held a meeting on Sunday, 04/10/2020 to establish The Election Board (election arbitration committee), made up of 3 people of highest Integrity. The candidates were identified and selected by RCA-SK committee members according to the RCA-SK statute and then proceed by choosing among themselves who will be their Chair, secretary and the advisor.
The outcomes were as follows:
1. Chair: Innocent KARANGWA
2. Secretary: Jean Baptiste NYANDWI
3. Advisor: Bienaime MUGABARIGIRA
Following our statute, this committee will now proceed to plan and lead us through the forthcoming November elections.
Normally, this committee would have been selected 3 months before the expected time of elections, but these are extraordinary times. We have been waiting a little bit to see if the COVID-19 situation would ease up a bit and allow for our regular offline Election. However, it has proven to be a formidable opponent, and the current committee's term expires with the month of November. Therefore, our community has no choice but to hold its first non-face-to-face election.
Going forward the election board will make all the announcements regarding the elections. They will lead us through this journey and we shall all help them by cooperating and giving them constructive opinions.
We really thank the members of the Election Board for volunteering to lead us through the election.
Thank you!

RCA-SK Chairman