Email address to contact the committee

Dec. 12, 2019, 10:27 a.m.
By: Secretary Ange Aisha

Mwaramutse neza!

I am your new secretary and here I am speaking on behalf of the new RCA-SK committee.

The RCA-SK committee has made it our goal to better communication between us and all members of the community and to also give members of the community a voice to express their wishes and concerns.

That way, we have created a general affairs email that you can use to contact us anytime you need our help, have a wish or a concern.

The email will be our active communication method therefore, feel free to contact us.We hope to hear from you often and we are always ready to serve you!

1.For better and effective communication we advise you to contact us in the hours of 9am -6pm. That way you shall hear from us quickly. Emails sent later than 6pm risk to be postponed to the next day.

2. Because of how active this chatroom is; we advise you to use the email for the wishes and concerns that you want RCA-SK committee to help you with.


In case of emergencies, feel free to PM or call the secretary in the hours of 9am-6pm

Thank you.

Secretary Ange Aisha