Jan. 8, 2021, noon
By: PR, NDAGIJIMANA Frank Aimee Rodrigue

A good day to you,

From today January 8th, 2021(Fri), new Covid-19 preventive and quarantine measures have been put in place and are already effective in the Republic of South Korea.

"In order to prevent the continuous spread of COVID-19, the Government of the Republic of Korea has decided to require a negative COVID-19 PCR result acquired within 72 hours for all foreign nationals entering Korea."

- To clarify and explain these new measures well to all members of our community, our embassy has prepared an important message (attached to this announcement) for us.

Kindly read and carefully refer to the details included in this message from the embassy.

- In particular, those planning trips out and to South Korea in this period are highly required to consider and obey these new regulations by the Government of the Republic of South Korea to ensure safety and comfort while entering Korea.

- Everyone is still required to take care of his/her safety and to continue to abide by the regulations and measures put in place by the Government of the Republic of South Korea in relation to this battle against COVID-19.

Stay safe.