The information from the Embassy of Rwanda in Korea

Dec. 19, 2019, 8:06 p.m.
By: Chairman Abdul Kalim

Dear comrades committee members,
Hope this evening finds you well.

An information from the Embassy of Rwanda in Korea,

With a view to represent a more objective image of Africa, the Office of the Dean of the African Group of Ambassadors (AGA) in Korea would like to encourage the African students living in Korea, or those who may have left Korea but studied in Korea to participate in the survey being conducted by Hanyang University in collaboration with the Korea-Africa Foundation (KAF).

They anticipate to use the results of this survey for recommendations to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on how to improve korean Public Policy towards Africa.

We hope also that the outcome of this results will be used for recommending policies that can support and enchance the welfare of African students in Korea.

The link for the suvery is as follows:

Dear comrades RCA-SK members, let's do our best to participate in this survey.

Amahoro y' Imana abane namwe.